MoneyIQ Payday Loan Solutions

Payday Loan origination and servicing solutions require a different functionality and support than more traditional lending requirements. Lending criteria vary dramatically from region to region and lender to lender.  Regulatory requirements can be significantly different from province to province.

Loans need to be processed quickly with limited support intervention and Special Services toolsets to manage collections is vital. This means origination support must be capable of complete underwriting and approval online and once the loan is approved funding and servicing must be tracked closely. MoneyIQ not only supports this, they also provide a complete online portal for customers to go and manage their loans, reapply for additional payday loans or submit payment for existing ones.

Firms can have the ability to create multiple properties for Payday Loans allowing them to create separate sales funnels while improving their market share across a broader customer base. Using our IBM server clustered hosting environment at Savvis we have the ability to create a completely scalable platform for 5 users or 2500 users.