MoneyIQ Mortgage Loan Servicing

Full workflows for automating the servicing of any mortgage, loan or lease product are easily addressed under the same contact space as origination within our platform. This customer centric environment eliminates the issue of duplicate entry of redundant data into separate applications to manage a client, a fact many firms face in today's marketplace.

Relationships within the system also allow you to track every stakeholder connected to a specific mortgage, loan or lease product from inception to discharge. Realtor, lawyer, appraiser, insurer, broker, agent, credit protection, extended warranty or any other type of relationship can be tied, tracked and traced for every single client information file and thus Client Relationship Management can all be done on one platform for the entire lifecycle of the client whether it be 2 weeks or 25 years.

Internal collections and securitization of assets within the system allows you to then automate processes when changes occur such as default or discharge. The flexibility to even migrate into Special Services for Collections and Arrears is easily achieved allowing companies to follow market trends as they emerge and adjust their business model appropriately. This includes the production of associated supporting documentation(i.e. email, word templates) for whatever process is defined. These documents can be scheduled to be run and be automatically generated at End of Day (EOD). Once generated the system automatically stores a copy of the noted document in the client space directly within the loan. This also allows all stakeholders, including auditors, to have a clear understanding of the communications that have occurred during the life of the loan.

Our effective ability to automate and generate workflow processes (i.e generate an email to notify a client of an NSF report received, draft a document based on time in arrears, generate a task of a pending arrears situation) gives us the ability to structure these processes and remove or eliminate many manual processes most clients witness on a daily basis in their current platforms. Businesses can then focus more on managing their lending portfolios instead of their staffing requirements to increase profitability and ROI.