MoneyIQ Products and Services

To begin, MoneyIQ can manage any product be it retail, commercial, industrial  or agricultural.  A CIF client information file or multiple can be linked in the central database to any type of product or service.  Asset or liability.  Credit or deposit facility.  Related products or services can then be managed or marketed during the lifecycle of the client relationship.

For example, a client buys a new LCD television, they finance it in house at the retail  location, documents for the sale and the loan are created in real time, including the option to sell an extended warranty, OR the database is programmed to send the client an email offering a discount on the extended warranty in 30 days. 

What happens when their payment is due?  Should the system send them an email or an SMS?  What happens when they miss a payment?  Should the system auto call them and play a recorded message?  If they have made 12 payments in a row on time should the system offer them a discount on the next purchase and tell them they are preapproved? 

The workflow engine in the CRM allows your business analysts create and optimize the life cycle of your client relationship the way you see fit. This means time to market on new product developments and optimized changes is significantly faster than other solution providers.

Further to this workflow automation allows us to optimize procedures using an internal task manager that can create status updates, generate emails or documents requesting information or notify senior management on status changes easily. The result of this when integrated properly is a significant drop in manual processes most institutions currently face.

The reporting toolset in our system allows us to mine any datafield(s) in the system and report on them in a graphical or text based format. We can also export that data in a variety of structures for external reporting tools your firm may wish to use. This solution allows us to generate and manage servicing issues more effectively and in doing so generate a more proactive approach to customer management.

Finally. through further data mining cross selling opportunities for new products and/or services to an existing customer base can also be easily achieved. It is obviously easier to sell to an existing customer if they have been properly serviced than it is to obtain a new one. MoneyIQ creates an environment for our clients that can achieve this on a consistent basis.