MoneyIQ Strategic Partners

Employing dynamic technologies that remove hardware dependencies and improve efficiencies, MoneyIQ managed service solutions strive to reduce operational costs while surpassing SLA requirements.

Specializing in Business Continuity planning and the design of secure and stable IT infrastructures. Using a security life-cycle approach MoneyIQ has designed and developed appropriate policy including.

• Security Policy Development
• Security Assessment
• Design and Implementation
• Staff Training
• Change Management
• Computer Forensics

Technology has changed the way you as a customer do business and how we store your vital information. This information has become a key part of your business assets and keeping that information secure is an essential part of your business planning. Axcess Canada helps us ensure this is consistently maintained in a secure manner.

Azure is a leading provider of hosted IT solutions for companies with applications that demand the highest levels of security and availability. Unrivalled technical expertise, state-of-the-art data centres and outstanding customer support allows Savvis to ease clients through all pivotal phases of their IT initiatives from system planning, application development, through implementation, infrastructure management and hosting.