MoneyIQ Mortgage Loan Origination
mortgage origination

Utilizing the unique workflow architecture of our financial product management platform MoneyIQ Canada has the capability to create and manage any type or lending origination model.

These could include but are not exclusive too:

• Traditional mortgages with fixed or variable terms.
• "One Account" Style lending products securitizing different types of collateral under one loan vehicle.
• HELOC style equity lines of credit tied to residential, commercial or agricultural assets.
• Heavy equipment or repair loan or lease products.
• Sub prime, prime auto or vehicle loan or lease solutions.
• Payday loans, cash advances, title loans, micro loans.
• Vehicle or equipment leasing.

This gives us the flexibility to offer a wide range of solutions to our respective clients and not limit their products or services to any one sector or multiple sectors. Origination workflow rule sets can be customized in real time to automate underwriting, decisioning and risk mitigation (including credit scoring and identity verification) without manual review so staff can focus on 'real deals' that will fund and not tire kickers.

Using the latest server technology from Microsoft in their Azure hosting facility our solution is completely scalable to meet any size of institution(s) and their respective needs whether 'virtual' or bricks and mortar.  From 5 users to 2500 users in one office, regional offices, or multiple retail offices all client data is secured safely off site with redundancy. 

Further to this our online ASP.Net web portal capabilities give us the ability to support dealers or brokerage networks on a national or international basis to support their financing needs.