MoneyIQ Corporate Outline

We provide a wide range of flexible CRM service solutions that include the automation of telephony, technology and consulting that deliver solid results for our clients. The level of MoneyIQ involvement in the client's business is decided entirely by the client.  From barebone remote virtual desktop CRM solutions for the hands on small business owner to complete call centre automation, account and document management, payment processing, compliance, reporting and default management services MoneyIQ can customize a solution that fits a 5 person or a 2500 person operation.

Utilizing the latest technology and business methodology MoneyIQ Canada has created a solid answer to our clients needs in respect to Business Process Automation on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In creating this environment we allow our customers to be what we call Business Agile Enterprises (B-AE). That is to say, our clients are able to adapt to changing market trends in the lending space and deploy new or improved origination and servicing solutions rapidly in a cost effective manner.

System workflows developed on our securely managed service allow us to map to or mirror any type of product or service our client’s desire. Thus allowing us to support any number of servicing environments our clients require within one support environment. This includes any type of product origination or servicing, as well as any loan, lease or other product they may desire, or may desire to create in the future.

Using our integrated web client we help our customers substantially reduce costs to connect with their clients. The web origination platform is dynamically connected to the internal platform allowing the immediate deployment of data to and from clients for all areas of origination and servicing. Further linking of the platform to third party vendors allows us to automate credit origination or servicing functions easily and provide effective responses.

To excel as a quality Business Process Automation provider this also requires us to be able to follow our client’s product design workflows accurately and report on them regularly. Our internally integrated reporting tool allows us to be as granular as we desire in tracking and managing our client base.