Business Process Automation

In designing our Business Process Automation environment MoneyIQ Canada sought to create a structure that was totally customer centric with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) foundation at the core of the application.

We also wanted a solution that could handle all types of decisioning workflows including document compliance, regulatory compliance (ESG, privacy) and third party interconnects (SMS, Email, VoIP).  Many products are focussed on one or two specific verticals (i.e. Mortgage Origination or Mortgage Servicing) or are hindered by being unable to manage products or services in more than one space.

Our focus has been to support our clients in areas including:

• ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance compliance and reporting
• Workflow Automation - scorecards, portfolio management and analytics
• Mortgage or Loan Origination/Servicing
• Leasing - Equipment or Vehicles
• Retail - Rent to own consumer electronics, etc.
• Cross Marketing - Insurance, Deposits, Credit Repair, etc.
• Real Time Data Analysis
• Special Servicing - Collections and Arrears

Our ability to not be hindered by any type of product management solution our clients may require puts us on the cutting edge of Business Process Automation Solutions .

Leading technology consulting firms have been calling on the financial services sector to get away from the disjointed application structures they currently maintain which cannot communicate with each other and migrate to a more focussed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

At MoneyIQ our objective is clear. We will support any client's products they wish to create and maintain in the manner they desire.  The end result is that the solution conforms to the will of the client and their needs not the other way around.  Just the way it should be.